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Twitter CFO Anthony Noto Reveals The Business’s Advertising Plans

Corporations And Small Enterprises Advertising With Twitter PartiesWhat I am planning to say may surprise you – most likely depending on just what generation you were created in – but believe me, it is all real. Though the intended audience because of this book is principally businesses trying to use Twitter as another form of […]

Facebook metrics and business tracking

Metrics are one of the most important features for a business in general let alone from any type of Social Media analytics. However, with Facebook, you can track marketing and communications activities and I’m not just talking about the number of fans who are seeing your post or which post had more engagement with your […]

Social Media Campaigns Are A Great Thing

Social Media Campaigns Are A Great Thing

Finding out that SEO is a lot harder than it used to be can be a shock to a lot of people. However, if you know about the social media campaigns you will quickly find out that SEO is not dead, but it has shifted its goals to more of the social media marketing and […]